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The pregnancy is a huge transformation for the female body. In order for her to cope with this transformation from “girl” to “mom”, nature has created a helping hand called hormones. These little buggers called hormones can also be the cause of some problems. Complete calm and sensible women can suddenly become both pisses off and sad without any real reasons. The mood can swing back and forth in a tempo that you just did not think was possible. However, take it easy and try to support your partner as good as you can. An outburst will disappear as fast as it arrived.
About the baby: The embryo, which now is about 4-8 millimeters, is now shaped as a “C” and looks more like a shrimp than a person. Most of the organs are now on its way to be developed and towards the end of this pregnancy week small parts are starting to grow which eventually become arms and legs.


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