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If the pregnancy was planned, both you and your partner are probably eager to get a positive result and the days go by slowly while waiting for the first signs. At this point the woman might want to share early thoughts of being pregnant and this sometimes can be a little bit of stressing for the partner. It is common to feel overwhelmed when a pregnancy is about to happen. As a male you might want to prepare yourself on how you would react on a positive pregnancy test?
A pregnancy test is no “Harry Potter event” and no magic is involved. The pregnancy test measures the amount of the hormone “HCG” (Human Chorion Gonadotropin) in a person’s body. HCG sends out a signal when the developing baby safely is attached to uterine wall. At this time the HCG level is sufficient for showing a result in a pregnancy test. The result does not lie, if the test shows positive it more or less 100% certain.


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